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When Not If: A CEO's Guide to Overcoming Adversity
#1 Amazon Best Seller: Business Mentoring and Coaching

This is a gripping and inspiring story of resilience and perseverance carefully interwoven with actionable lessons from a CEO who journeyed from zero to a billion, only to be reduced back to zero and a shocking 14-year prison sentence. It is a leadership journey triumphing over extreme adversity, but adversity which may befall any leader on a random Tuesday.  Are you prepared to stand up for what you believe and risk everything you built over a lifetime?

A book for turbulent times, When Not If  is essential reading for anyone preparing to lead through crisis and change. Through disciplined storytelling, Martinovich demonstrates that our greatest adversities do not have to spell the end. Sometimes, they represent a bold beginning.


True, not every reader will experience the trials faced by Jeff. The circumstances of the crisis will differ, but the responses Jeff advocates will bear fruit in most all situations. When Not If gives readers a toolkit of proven practices, behaviors, and actionable takeaways that prepare leaders to survive when the black swan knocks on their front door.


So if you're ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and emerge stronger from any crisis,  When Not If  is a mandatory guide for you.


Drawing on his own experience of facing intense adversity, Jeff Martinovich offers a master class on how to thrive in the face of crisis. Discover the powerful mindset shifts and tactical strategies which enable leaders to cope when adversity threatens to stretch resilience to the breaking point. Whether you're a CEO, entrepreneur, or team leader, this book is an essential resource for anyone who wants to be prepared for the adversity just around the corner, or nuclear meltdown Jeff experienced. With its proven practices, behaviors, tools, and actionable takeaways, When Not If  provides readers with a real-life manual  to survive and thrive in any situation. Yes, the key is not only to make it through, but to turn disadvantages into Monster Advantages. His survival and success story is one he never thought possible, and with this book as their guide, readers can be confident in their own ability to overcome any obstacle.

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