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Drawing on his own experience of facing intense adversity, Jeff Martinovich offers a master class series of online lessons on how to thrive in the face of crisis. Viewers can discover the powerful mindset shifts and tactical strategies which enable leaders to cope when adversity threatens to stretch resilience to the breaking point. Whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, or team leader, this series is an essential resource for anyone who wants to be prepared for the adversity just around the corner, or even the kind of nuclear meltdown Jeff experienced. With its proven practices, behaviors, tools, and actionable takeaways, the When Not If Series provides viewers with a real-life manual to survive and thrive in any situation. Yes, the key is not only to make it through, but to turn disadvantages into Monster Advantages. Jeff’s survival and success story is one that no one thought possible, and with this series as their guide, others can be confident in their own ability to overcome any obstacle.


Watch a free, short intro clip, select one 30-minute lesson, or obtain a full subscription to begin your journey to protect your organization and family from harm’s way, as well as build a tactical playbook for resilience and perseverance against insurmountable odds.  Every lesson contains a series of real-life, 100% true stories which not only teach but also shock with what can happen to any leader, tomorrow.

Lesson Outline

On Avoiding Overconfidence

When adversity shows up on our doorstep, we have to instantly realize we don’t know what we don’t know. My biggest mistakes, at the most critical moments, came from my overconfidence in believing I was smart enough to navigate these treacherous waters. I should have accepted that this game had a completely different set of rules. I should have, also, allowed my planning and strategy to be open to terrible outcomes and possibilities I dreaded. In a sense, my overconfidence and previous success blinded me to the fact there was an extremely high probability that the battle I was fighting was already lost.

The WHEN NOT IF Video Series First Season coming soon, with a new shocking real-life lesson episode released every Friday!


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